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New Species for 2014

It’s been an interesting year at Pearl Creek Farm. Plus, we also observed some new species to add to the list.

The most exciting find for me was an Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata) right at the edge of our prairie. Still, it was totally expected. In fact, it was amazing it took so long. We’d been finding them on the road within sight of our house almost since we moved in. Wait until we find our first Bullsnake!

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More snow brings birds to the feeders

A flock of birds gathers at one of our feeders.
A flock of birds gathers at one of our feeders.

We are at 20oF and holding steady. At 730 this morning, I measured almost exactly 3.0″ of new snow. Most had melted by yesterday afternoon, so this is all new. At 1230 this afternoon, it looks like we got an extra 1-2″ out there. The radar shows that it’s almost over and many schools in the area are closed, including Springfield and Willard. That might be as much to do with the expected cold temperatures as the snow itself.


Okay, really Northern Bobwhite, but nobody shouts that when you flush a covey from less than ten yards. Although we occasionally hear them calling from some distance, we see them on our place only rarely. On January 1, 2014, we flushed a covey on top of the hill (I4). I hope they like what we’ve done with the place and stick around for a while.