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Mystery object

I’m sure someone will know what these are. The halves are heavier than they look and fit together to form an imperfect sphere. The whole thing looks like a petrified walnut as the two halves fit together. The smaller globe is stuck inside the larger “shell”. The objects appear to be sandstone of some type (sandstone is abundant at Pearl Creek Farm) and I’m pretty sure they’re natural but not biological in nature. They were found near the creek and we find them or something similar occasionally, sometimes not broken apart. Any guesses?

Mystery objects
Mystery objects

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Frost Flowers

It’s a good year for frost flowers. These “flowers” form during the first really cold nights of the fall. Basically, water is forced up through the stems of certain species of plants and is forced outward, forming intricate patterns. Most of these frost flowers formed on the stems of Verbesina virginica, White Crownbeard.

This is by far the most frost flowers I’ve ever seen in the wild. This is the third time I’ve seen them at Pearl Creek Farm. The other times I saw one or two only. There are more than two dozen out there now!


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